Oquirrh Mountain Compost Products produces three compost products and non-composted (blond) wood chips.  All composted products have been subjected to the rigorously controlled in-vessel aerated static pile (IASP) composting process.


**Composted Wood Chips – This product is the larger composted wood chips separated during the production of the screened compost products and consists of wood chips in the ½ inch to the 2-inch size range.  The fiber in the composted wood chips has been softened and the chips retain a natural dark brown color and rounded shape from the composting process. This product is ideal for paths, erosion control, and weed suppression; for use in landscaping around plantings, and as a base around trees/shrubs.


**Screened Compost – compost mulch is passed through a screen to produce a fine compost product with ½ inch minus wood chips.


**Premium Screened Compost – this compost is passed through a very fine screen to produce a fine compost product with ¼ inch minus wood chips for top dressing of lawns and maximum workability.


**Non-Composted (Blond) Wood Chips – this product is processed from raw wood chips, branches and logs delivered by tree services to the Central Valley site.  The wood materials are processed through a wood chipper and screen and consist primarily of mixed hard and soft wood chips with small amounts of ground bark, leaves and needles in the 2 inch minus size range.


Product Photo Gallery

Composted Wood Chips

Screened Compost (1/2-inch minus)

Composted Wood Chips

Half Inch Compost
Composted Wood Chips Close up Half inch close up

Blond Wood Chips

Premium Screened Compost (1/4" minus)

Blond Wood Chips Quarter Inch
Blond Wood Chips Close Up Quarter Inch Close Up